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The Cat in the Hat (Hebrew)
Price in Israel NIS 58 (Save NIS 20)
The Cat in the Hat (Hebrew)
Chatul Taalul
Author: Dr. Seuss
Price: $28.00 
Special Price: $20.00
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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652294624
ISBN 13: 9789652294623
Catalog Number: 9789652294623 / D-721 / g462
Number of Pages: 66
Year Published: 1958

Poor Dick and Sally. It's cold and wet and they're stuck in the house with nothing to do . . . until a giant cat in a hat shows up, transforming the dull day into a madcap adventure and almost wrecking the place in the process! The Cat in the Hat is available at this website in Hebrew. It is a fantastic book for children beginning to learn Hebrew.