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Woman of Valor
Woman of Valor
Authors: Lihi Lapid
Amit Pardes (translator from Hebrew)
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House

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Format: Hard Cover
ISBN 10: 9652296406
ISBN 13: 9789652296405
Catalog Number: 640-5
Number of Pages: 272
Year Published: 2013

She was determined to be the best wife, mother, and professional; something had to giveÖ

For weeks Woman of Valor topped Israelís best-seller lists, conquering hearts. In trenchant and colorful prose, Lihi Lapid tells a true-life story of women (and men) struggling to live up to expectations (most of all their own): a story about shattered dreams, and about finding the strength to gather up the pieces and learn to smile again. Woman of Valor is a must-read for every mother.

Lihi Lapidís best-selling novel starts where most love stories leave off: at the beginning of real life. Woman of Valor follows the lives of two women in their first years of motherhood. One is a fictional character trying to live happily ever after. The second woman is the author herself, who courageously and honestly relates her true-life experiences as a wife, mother, professional, and parent of a special needs child. Interspersed are actual letters from readers of Lapidís popular newspaper column, sharing the most intimate moments of their lives.

Lapid questions beliefs about a womanís role in modern society, probes stereotypes and examines the lies parents tell their daughters. Through her own story, and that of others, she tells a tale of everyday battles a woman goes through.Ö

The Jerusalem Post

A touching and rollicking novel that bravely and honestly describes the loneliness of a woman between her husband and children, between her youthful dreams and day-to-day reality, between dedicating herself to others and trying to fulfill a womanís promise to herself Ė to who she was and who she wants to be.

Zeruya Shalev, author of the best-selling novel Love Life

Having read Woman of Valor gave me the strength and courage to say for the first time, I have an autistic child. Only now can I finally tell people the truth.

Rachel,, Davidís mother