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Nordau to NASDAQ
Nordau to NASDAQ

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The Evolution of an Israeli High-Tech Start-up
Authors: Roni Einav
Miriam Yahil Wax
Price: $19.95
Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 9659141580
ISBN 13: 9789659141586
Catalog Number: 9789659141586
Number of Pages: 282
Year Published: 2012

So how much are we worth, in your opinion? I asked. Just in case someone, maybe you, wants to buy us tomorrow morning, how much are we worth? Rick Gardner, obviously delighting in the wine’s clarity as he held it up against the light, replied, In my estimation, New Dimension is worth six hundred, maybe six hundred and twenty million dollars. Then he laughed, and emptied his glass. This exchange, which took place in a meeting in Germany, marks a turning point in the history of The New Dimension Software, one of the most successful software companies in Israel in 1999 which was subsequently sold to Texas- based BMC Software for 675 million dollars. Nordau to NASDAQ is the moving story of Roni Einav, a pioneer entrepreneur in Israeli high-tech, whose journey to success began in the modest environments of an apartment on Tel-Aviv's Nordau Boulevard. Encouraged to believe that free enterprise, determination and perseverance are the keys to real achievement, he started to make his way. The book exposes the power struggles, moves and bold decisions that led to the extraordinary success of The New Dimension from its earliest beginnings. Mr. Einav describes his considerable experience and raises the curtain on trade secrets: How do you recognize a good idea? How do you cope with bureaucracy or inner dissent? How do you identify or create a significant share for your software products in the global market? Where can you find financing and what can you do if you are not successful in your search? The book offers an insight into how to balance family and professional life, and still achieve significant success. Mr. Einav, whose personal journey coincides with that of the State of Israel, has served his country in a weapons development unit, and participated in major new urban planning and construction in Iran of the Shah. Nordau to NASDAQ highlights the amazing talents, vision, leadership and dedication of one man, who played an integral role in the development of the Israeli high-tech industry, helping transform this small nation into a land of start-ups, with the largest number of companies traded on Wall Street after the U.S. and Canada.

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