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Golda Werman was born in Germany, grew up in the United States and now lives in Israel. She is a Milton scholar (author of Milton and Midrash, Catholic University of America Press, 1995) as well as a translator of Yiddish literature. Among her many Yiddish translations are The Dybbuk and Other Writings by S. Anski (Schocken, 1992), The Stories of David Bergelson: Yiddish Short Fiction from Russia (Syracuse University Press, 1996) and Strange Ways by Rokhl Faygenberg (Gefen, 2007).

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Strange Ways
Strange Ways
Price: $21.95
(Of fremde Vegn)
The publication of the novel Strange Ways by ...
Price: $24.95
A Novel in Three Parts
Smugglers. A Novel in Three Parts deals with ...