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Hi there, allow me to introduce myself. Iím Yael, mother of three, and Iím sort of obsessed with playing with science. So much that I kept on playing with microscopes and chemicals and machines and stuff that I got a PhD for it. Once upon a time my kids jokingly called me Dr. Mom, and it stuck because it basically describes my philosophy of life and the two most important things to me: kids and science. In fact, at my house, pretty much every afternoon ends up with an exploration, creation, or learning experience.

Most people think that science is either boring or scary. I think thatís backwards. Science Ė especially for kids Ė should be a mix of fun and curiosity with a dash of trying out new experiences.

Kids also think that scientists are all old men with crazy hair - an expectation that doesnít leave much room for the majority of our population.

Thatís why I started StellarNova Ė to renew this wonderment and excitement about science and help bring it to your family. And to tell kids, girls and boys, nerds or not, that the superpowers of science belong to every one of you. So I invite you to come along on this adventure with me, playing and learning as we engage in scientific concepts through literature, adventures, and hands-on experiences.

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The Little Spacecraft
The Little Spacecraft
Price: $16.95 $14.00
Berrie is a little spacecraft with a big drea...